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Singing. Shouting. Hysteria. Argentina lives for futbol. The battle between Boca Juniors and River Plate is not just about sports; it is an ever enduring struggle for identity. In Buenos Aires, Argentina historic tensions swell not only between teams Boca Juniors and River Plate, but also between working and ruling class in the days preceding the big game. Anticipation builds among players and fans. For these futbol fanatics, the game means everything—it symbolizes strength, unity, and power. The entire country awaits the epic Clásico with fans from both sides clashing to defend their team. The audience scrutinizes every move the players make: the spitting, the cursing, the fighting. Every goal heralds chanting and taunting of the opposing team. They want respect. They want honor. They want to win. Through a cultural lens, this film provides an intimate look into the Argentina Futbol Club, its players and its fans, to reveal its resonance and impact throughout the nation.

Argentina Futbol Club takes a journalistic approach to exploring a culture whose very identity meshes profoundly with its involvement in soccer. Interviews with Argentine players, fans, and sports journalists color this film and illuminate the impact this sport asserts in Argentinean society. Though the film will especially excite sports fans, the cultural, historical, and artistic aspects of AFC are sure to capture audiences from a
number of diverse social arenas.